My Remaining Sister

This is a poem I wrote last year, posted here by request. 

For Jennifer

She is here-sarcastic and funny
As ever
But darker, too.
Lost, faithless, hurting
Grief compounded by grief
Yet still loving (me)
Still calling to say
“What’s up?”
A simple act of hope and will
This reaching out
We collect the mememtos
Of ourselves
From the rubble–
As if that rare New England tornado
Touched down
In the midst of our benign dysfunction
Clinging to familiar pieces
Among fragments of a
Former, which no longer
Makes sense.
To discover
We’ve weathered the storm
Intact: Together
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2 Comments on “My Remaining Sister”

  1. sara Says:

    Sisterhood,it is bond that deeper then most things. I am glad you have each other!

  2. Jennifer Penney Says:

    I love you Susie! I am so very thankful, so very blessed to have you! My wonderful, smart, talented, beautiful, sister!

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