Controlled chaos; a random snapshot of the things on my desk at this moment.

Seven half-finished thank you notes which my oldest is avoiding.(He thinks I’ll quit nagging him to finish them if he hides them in a stack of other papers.) A stack of papers, including a notebook with a running list of “to do”: errands and phone calls to make, books to read and snippets of inspiration and a time-line with suggestions for revisions for the soul-stealing research paper I finished last month.  A 2011 supporter card from the American Heart Association and a thank you for my recent donation in memory of my sister. Two bills, one for my youngest kid’s recent ER trip and one for the trash pick-up. A notice for a roller skating fundraiser, a drawing of a snowman with all of his parts properly labeled, a list of things to bring and accommodations for an upcoming trip to Mexico.

A lamp. A hammer. (Why is there a hammer on my desk?) A heart shaped rock. Blue seaglass I found last weekend. A joystick for a flight simulator.  A book of pine cone stamps. Three pencils with lead, one without. Two blue pens, my favorite sharpie, a surgical skin marker. A screw, Philips head. The gold hoop earrings I wore to a work event last Friday. An army guy minus one leg. One dollar bill. A black plastic spider ring from Halloween. A dime. Two lethal looking straight pins. An extra yo-yo string, fastened with a rubber band. (Never know when you’ll need a yo-yo string!) Speakers. Monitor, mouse, keyboard. A stack of sticky notes, just waiting to be scrawled on and plastered about the house. (Where would I be without sticky notes???) Two small, blank notebooks, a book of inspirational quotes. A book about creating a “charmed life” (including the notion, I’m sure, of having an uncluttered workspace!)

Sticky notes: email address regarding a leadership program I want to take. Reminder of the Sea Cadets auction. Reminder of the ASTD event next week in Falmouth. Reminder to get my passport renewed (done, guess that can come down!) and book tickets for my trip and call my Reiki practitioner for an appointment.  Reminder to do some random survey for my former husband’s insurance group. (Not happening) Five stickys with quotes I like, such as, “Ain’t no talkin’ to this man, he’s been tryin’ to tell me so, It took a while to understand the beauty of just letting go…” which is from one of my favorite Patty Griffin songs and reminds me that he’s gone for a reason. The address for an editor I never followed up with.  A sign in purple marker “I love you mom” in the most wonderful kindergarten print.

It all makes sense, this stuff.  I look around this space with my heart full. I love this home I’ve created. I love these objects, snippets of my life in process. I love my life: in process and filled with blessing.

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4 Comments on “sticky”

  1. Thomas O'Leary Says:

    I can’t even see my desk!! Good luck with yours–keep writing!!!

  2. Paul M White Says:

    Great story (truth)! When my desk got in that shape I just added another desk. Up to six so far. Mercy!

  3. David Says:

    My desk is clean….I’ve just finished with the credit card guy…..he’s dead. My desk looked just like yours until the shredder got its chance.

  4. Patricia Nichols Says:

    I like it! I can see it all…

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